Hair Make-Overs & Color Matching Service 

What’s the best hair color for your skin tone? Have the needs of your hair changed with the season? Get ready to be inspired and excited when you look in the mirror! Your skin is changing with the seasons, and so should your hair color and make-up.

Let Uptown’s professional colorists and make-up artists answer your hair color and make up questions.

Book a hair make-over today and receive a mini make-up application to complement your new color.

Choose from eyes, foundation, or lip.

Appointments subject to availability and may not be available on the same day as your hair service. Please inquire with our front office staff when booking your hair color treatment that you would like a color matching service. Call 401.596.9100.

Welcome to Special Fall Savings at Uptown!

Call to book your appointment, call 401-596-9100 or use the Uptown App.

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More Specials

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