Associate Level Stylist

This position is open to newly graduated Cosmetologists licensed in the state of Rhode Island. You will work exclusively with an Educator who will share with you tips and techniques that could take years to master on your own.  You will work hands on with the Educator immediately, applying color, painting free hand, styling, washing, foiling, and cutting. You will set goals each day, and end each shift with a debrief and recap with your Educator. Your responsibilities will include planning and tracking, making written and verbal retail recommendations, securing your guests future reservation, and obtaining referrals. You will also have independent opportunity shifts to work with request guests on your own.

You come to us with the equivalent of a bachelor’s degree as a hair artist, and we will graduate you from the associate program with your Master’s! You will be fully equipped and confident to work on your own as a Level 1 stylist, with an amazing career path ahead of you. Our Level System takes you from Associate to Level 4AA, with the opportunity to work as an Educator with associates of your own.

Successful associates will bring willingness to Learn, a passion for their art, and a love for client care!



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