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Uptown Salon & Spa offers a variety of massage options guaranteed to improve your day.

Massage & Body Treatment Options

Ready to wind down and release the tension in your life? Here at the Uptown Salon & Spa our talented team can offer you a variety of options for a flexible timetable. Browse all of our massage and body treatment options below.

Massage Options

Below is our full list of massage offerings at the Uptown Salon & Spa. Click each title to see pricing and massage details.

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Thai Massage (90 or 120 Minutes)

90 minutes – $225
120 minutes – $260

Traditional Thai Massage, originating 2500 years ago in Thailand, merges acupressure, stretching, and yoga postures in a rhythmic, meditative manner. This holistic approach, often dubbed “yoga for busy people,” combines Traditional Thai Massage techniques with enhancements such as hot stones and towels. Led by our Massage Therapist, Heather, who was trained in the Mecca of Thai Massage, Chiang Mai, Thailand. This therapy involves applying deep pressure along meridian lines to release tension in muscles and tendons, gently loosening joints, and enhancing flexibility. This comprehensive experience induces deep relaxation and rejuvenation, leaving you feeling both relaxed and invigorated.

Customized Massage Experience (60 or 90 minutes)

60 minutes – $120
90 minutes – $155

Consult with your therapist and choose a dynamic blend of essential oils to target individual needs. A variety of massage techniques will be utilized, including Swedish and  Acupressure, with one or two areas of focus for deeper work.

Deep Tissue Massage (60 or 90 minutes)

60 minutes – $155+
90 minutes – $190+

Experience the ultimate in deep tissue massage, with results greatly enhanced by the use of a bamboo roller, myofascial release techniques, and/or hot stones. The heated bamboo roller will penetrate your worst knots to heal sore muscles. Warm Basalt Stones will melt away tension. Therapeutic heat and small stones on key energy points deliver maximum relief and relaxation. Myofascial therapy is a connective tissue release resulting in the relaxation of contracted muscles, and improvement in blood and lymphatic circulation.

Couple's Massage (60 or 90 minutes)

60 minutes – $125+/person
90 minutes – $175+/person

Retreat to our Couples Oasis to enjoy a lavishly hydrating body massage side by side with your spa partner. The skin is anointed with nourishing oils of your choice which will melt into the skin and envelop the body in a stunning aroma.

After your massage, indulge in chilled Champagne and decadent Hauser Chocolates as the final touch.

Expectant Mother’s Soothing Massage (60 minutes)

60 minutes – $130+

This inspirational therapy connects mother and baby through the power of a touch, working with two heartbeats as one. Helping to release tension in the back and alleviating swelling in the hands and feet, while easing the mind and uplifting the spirit, and hydrating the skin to accommodate your growing baby.

Migraine Massage (30 minutes)

45 minutes – $60

Designed specifically as an alternative remedy for fast and dramatic relief for all kinds of headaches, without the need for drugs. This therapy combines the use of powerful, specialized aromatherapy with custom-designed cold marble stones created to perfectly conform to the key headache sites on the face dramatically reducing headache pain in a matter of minutes.

The cold marble stones work immediately to reduce the swelling of the blood vessels and aromatherapy has been specially chosen to counteract the top four kinds of headache pain: reactions to food, stress, environmental toxins, and hormonal imbalances.

Sinus Massage (30 minutes)

45 minutes – $60

Experience natural relief from the pain and discomfort of sinus pressure and congestion using essential oils and drainage massage techniques. This gentle massage around the face and neck will help to drain the sinuses and relieve pressure from the affected areas.

Massage Add-On Options

Ear Candling, $50 for 30 min
Hot Stones, $15
Paraffin for Hands or Feet, $10
Hydra-Gel Eye Pads, $25
Infrared Sauna & Aromatherapy Steam Shower, $30
Frangipani Foot Scrub, $20
Migraine Massage, $30
Sinus Massage, $30
Deep Tissue, $35

$49 Cannabidiol Oil Add-On
A special oil that has a myriad of health and wellness benefits. CBD topicals provide one of the easiest ways to take advantage of CBD’s benefits and, when it comes to massages, can be used to target specific areas of the body that require particular attention for pain relief. By implementing CBD massage oils and topicals, you can benefit both from the relaxing and invigorating effects of a massage with the medicinal pain and discomfort relieving effects of CBD. Unlike THC, which causes a “high” as a result of its psychoactive properties, CBD, while offering a wealth of benefits, does not cause any mind-altering effects. When included in a massage, CBD’s interaction with your natural endocannabinoid system can induce a number of highly beneficial effects. Reduces inflammation and chronic pain, improves skin health and alleviates anxiety and stress.

Have a question? Feel free to call us at (401) 596-9100 or email us with any questions you might have. Our guest service experts are available and ready to help.

Some Client Massage Reviews

Natalia Turilli
Excellent service, and hospitality from all the staff. The massage was great! I loved it!
Jennifer Griffin
Very nice atmosphere, especially upstairs where the massages are done. I go often for pedicures and eyebrow wax and occasionally for massages which are great. Best place in town for facials and hair. Everyone is very nice and extremely professional
Lauran Macklin
Very beautiful salon. What caught my eye in the pictures were the pedicure chairs but I ended up getting a couples massage with my sister with hot stones. The girls we had were amazing and very fun to talk with and we finished our appointment up... with a glass of Prosecco each and some gourmet chocolates; we will definitely be coming back here many more times to try out everything else they offer! Michelle was recommended for the best facials so I think that’s on our list next!read more
Lauren Morse
Uptown salon is a little oasis. Their new location is super convenient and they have done such a wonderful job with the design! Easy parking and located in the heart of Westerly close to everything. Their massage lounge and rooms are super clean and... the ambiance is very cozy and relaxing.I see Kayla for massage and she is absolutely incredible. Hands down the best I’ve had. She is very attentive to customizing the service based off your needs and is fantastic for those who enjoy firmer pressure. This is my new monthly ritual! I just tried their new body scrub with steam shower and sauna package followed by a 60 minute massage and it was pure bliss. I have also had their hot stone treatment which was incredible.They also offer wonderful hair and nail services and have a full line of fantastic products and services. I haven’t tried them yet for facials or lashes but I definitely plan to! For nails I see Emily and Connie who are both wonderful. If you are looking to treat yourself I would definitely give this salon a try. Such a good find! They do book up pretty quickly so I recommend making any follow up appointments right after your more
Michelle gives THE BEST facials! Jody gives THE BEST massages! Angie gives great haircuts and highlights! ❤️❤️❤️
Bethanne Acelin
I started going to Uptown a few years ago primarily massages. Everyone there is so nice and the services allow for many choices. This is how I start my vacations in Rhode Island. Priceless!
Sam Wallace
Olivia gave me the absolute best massage. I have a rotator cuff injury and something weird with my wrist. She was great.
Suzanne Hickey
This place is the best!! Had facial, massage and hair all in one day. Loved the staff and excellent service! Cant wait to get back.
Juliet Cavanaugh
I was in the area for a few days and on a rainy day I gave them a call in the hopes they had an opening for a facial and/or massage. The staff member who took my call was so warm and friendly and said she had an opening for just what I... needed....pampering! They welcomed me with joy and professionalism and immediately escorted me to the spa area of the facility. My facial with Petra was just glorious! She did a comprehensive analysis of my skin care concerns and needs and genuinely seemed interested in what brought me to the spa - I told her more than anything I wanted to just relax and drift off. She delivered! An incredible facial customized to my needs, paraffin hand treatment during massage and glowing skin. I could not have been more pleased with the service. Then on to a 90 minute massage with Jody. I like a strong Swedish style, not quite deep tissue but close. OMG - she broke out all the big guns from her strength as a therapist to hot stones, hot towels, more hot stones, more hot towels...there were so many surprises over the 90 minutes that when I stumbled out of the treatment room a almost felt like I was tipsy. The facility is beautiful and immaculate, the treatment rooms were huge and the staff were consummate professionals. I will definitely book services again on my next visit to Westerly. Thank you!read more
Leslie Montagne
This was my first visit. I had a massage and was thoroughly satisfied. Actually over the top satisfied!! I specifically chose Kayla because of her special skills in massage that help with fascia release of tight spots and because of her interest... in massage therapeutics with athletes and active people. So glad I met Kayla and I have booked another appointment! Totally more
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Our Team of Massage Therapists

Kayla Brown
Kayla Brown
Massage Therapist
Heather Millbach
Massage Therapist
Mikayla Guernon works at Uptown Salon Spa.
Mikayla Guernon
Massage Therapist
Devynn Malek
Devynn Malek
Massage Therapist

Other Services

For the ultimate skin and body therapy treatments that deliver maximum results, treat yourself to an Uptown facial or spa service. We’re here to pamper and prepare you for what’s ahead, whether its’ an Aroma Stone Therapy or helping an expectant mother alleviate the swelling in her hands and feet.

Massage Therapist

Kayla Brown

My focus is helping Uptown clients find pain relief with lasting effects through massage.

Hello! I’m Kayla and grew up in Griswold CT. Today I am a local of Westerly Rhode Islander and graduated from the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy in of Groton CT. My career inspiration is from Amy Hendry, a former teacher and mentor. Her personal experience as a sports massage therapist and expert in Myofascial Release gave me the direction and confidence to pursue a career as a massage therapist.

I use a variety of techniques and modalities to provide the best and most unique experience possible to each client. I’m known for getting to the root source of your pain during a massage. Clients leave my table feeling better and healed by the experience.

I specialize in different forms of Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage, Myofascial Release, Sports/ Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation or (PNF) Stretching, combined with Orthopedic Massage techniques. These techniques are a great solution for those suffering from Forward Head Posture, Rounded Shoulders, Low Back or Hip/Sacral Stiffness, knee and sciatic nerve pain. My mission at Uptown is to help all our clients achieve pain relief, healing, and ultimate relaxation. One thing a new client would be surprised to learn about me is that I eat a plant-based only diet.

Favorite Beach:


Massage Therapist

Heather Millbach

Passionate about the art of healing, I’ve journeyed to Thailand to immerse myself in the ancient traditions of Thai massage. Trained by skilled practitioners in its homeland, I bring the essence of this centuries-old practice to every session. With a blend of expertise and intuition, I strive to guide my clients toward deep relaxation, holistic wellness, and a renewed sense of vitality. Let me help you embark on your journey to inner harmony and rejuvenation.

Each session starts with a conversation so your treatment can be tailored for you. I am deeply committed to providing personalized care to each client, addressing your concerns, and promoting ultimate relaxation and healing.


Massage Therapist

Mikayla Guernon

As a Reiki Master, I have a true talent for zeroing in on my clients’ muscle tension through intuitive touch.
My massage style is often described as deeply healing in nature.

My Uptown colleagues and I work together at the spa, sharing knowledge and techniques that help all our guests.  When you’re in my treatment room, you can count on feeling peaceful and relaxed. After your massage, you will be rejuvenated and both physically and mentally ready to take on the rest of your day.

Something that might surprise others is that my love of music has taken me into the recording studio; recently I helped release a hip-hop album on which I rapped.

Favorite Beach:


Massage Therapist

Devynn Malek

I consider myself very fortunate to work in a field where I am able to enhance people’s lives by alleviating pain. My career as a massage therapist has led me on a rewarding path of professional growth and development and I now specialize in therapeutic massage with the intention of helping my clients improve mobility and overcome injury. This is accomplished through my work of deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, sports massage, stretching, and myofascial work, along with added modalities of hot stone therapy and bamboo fusion. While firm pressure is my strength, relaxation and comfort are still the ideal goals. I have taken several extended courses to practice prenatal massage and enjoy variety in my practice as I work with mothers-to-be, bringing them relief as their bodies transition through pregnancy and helping prepare for labor and delivery. I work with many clients to help resolve chronic pain such as sciatica, plantar fasciitis frozen shoulder, among other issues. I love practicing massage and find it extremely rewarding to help relieve serious pain or discomfort for my clients. I look forward to continued learning and growth. 

If you’d like to book a reservation with Devynn please contact her directly at 860-367 5576 or email her at