Teenager Facials & Clarifying Back Treatments for $59. (You Save $26!)

Shellac Manicure Upgrade (You Get Free Nail Art on 2 Fingers!)


Promotional Conditions:

  • November promotions run Sunday – Wednesday.
  • November Spa Promotion Features Uptown Estheticians Marissa Trombino & Petra Lenihan.
  • November Nail Promotion Features Nail Technician Shayna Tefft.

5 Reasons Why Teenagers Should Really Get a Facial

Even though you may not be suffering from severe acne or other chronic conditions, your complexion will benefit enormously from the attention of an Uptown trained esthetician. Here are the leading reasons teenagers should book an Uptown Facial:

  1. Teenager Facials Help Clear Your Pores:  A professional treatment will fully cleanse your skin in a way that you simply cannot achieve at home. Uptown facials help to reduce pore size, stabilize oil production and promote healthy cell growth.
  2. An Uptown Esthetician Can Determine if Something is Wrong:  Skin conditions change with age, hormones and even the weather. An Uptown esthetician can identify your skin conditions, like winter eczema, and advise on the right home routine.
  3. Teenager Facials Prevent Permanent Skin Imperfections:  Teenagers are prone to acne scarring and dark marks that stay forever when they attempt to treat their own break outs. A trained Uptown esthetician can address acne issues safely. We offer many modalities to help teenagers, such as light therapy that helps eradicate bacteria that causes inflammation and breakouts.
  4. Teenager Facials Trump the Beauty Counter:  A trained Uptown esthetician who consults on your skincare saves you from wasting money on the wrong products at the beauty counter. At Uptown, we’ll advise you on a personalized skin regime.


Ready to regain healthy skin and feel more confident? Make an appointment at Uptown for a Teenager Facial, and we promise you’ll be glowing in no time!

Welcome to November Savings at Uptown!

Call to book your appointment, 401-596-9100 or use the Uptown App.

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