I consider myself a hair muse. I don’t prefer any particular color or cut technique, rather I study my guest’s facial structure, skin tone, hair texture, and, of course, their preferences, in order to make the best recommendations and provide the ultimate results. When you spend time in my chair you’ll know that it’s important to me to see the person as a whole in order to create the look that inspires them.
I’ve had some great experiences traveling for education. I’ve spent time in Baltimore and New York, cities that inspire my love of fashion and design. I draw inspiration from following many artists and celebrity stylists on social media, and have my own Instagram account. Having a career in a creative field is fantastic because things are always changing and I never get bored. Laughing with my clients is always a highlight and makes the days go by fast.
My love for color and creation never stops, and my husband and I work together hunting for antique treasures and transforming them into garden art. We also love a good family hike in the woods, teaching our son and daughter to love and respect our natural world.