I grew up in Queens NY but moved to East Greenwich Rhode Island in 1989 and to South County in 2000 making Rhode Island my home of 32 years.  It is where I chose to raise my four (4) daughters, where I received my undergraduate degree in English Literature, and where I chose to continue living while commuting to Boston College Law School where I received my law degree in 1997.
I’ve been practicing the art of braiding for over 45 years. I absolutely love creating beautiful box braids, corn rows, distressed butter-fly locks, and dreadlocks.  I’ve learned and adapted many creative techniques over the years. My portfolio is extensive, and I really enjoy the consultationswhich allow me to determine the grade of hair and the best type of braid to match my guest’s desired outcome, life style, and unique personal goals. Few things can match the reward of creating a beautiful head of fully braided hair and seeing the transformation and joy that it brings to my clients.
Yes, I have a busy life, but I do have a lot of fun.  When I’m not braiding hair or working at my law practice, I love to cook for my family and my family of friends.  I also love exercising at Wilcox Park and taking a leisurely stroll there while listening to audio books.  Hey, you might see me riding my bike to the farmer’s market or to the beach, or popping into the stores of downtown Westerly and Mystic Village; if you do, wave I would love to meet you!