I grew in Westerly, Rhode Island and graduated from the Aveda Institute. Today, people are just starting to realize the importance of self care and I enjoy showing Uptown clients how truly great you feel when you take the time to care for your skin. Every day there are new and improved treatments available in skincare, and it is my job to stay on top of these developments so I can bring the latest insights and best practices to Uptown clients. I find it incredibly rewarding to help others achieve and maintain beautiful, healthy skin. At Uptown we offer the Elemis program, this is a comprehensive program I have trained for and we offer all the modalities and products needed for anything you might want. Most often, people come to find solutions for everyday matters, like fine lines, wrinkles, and acne. Providing skincare and facial program that address these matters, for all kinds of skin conditions, is how I spend much of my day. I am also on top of how my clients’ skin care needs change season to season, and in our work together we adjust treatments so that your skin gets exactly what it needs at every visit. People might be surprised to learn that I come from a family of seasoned entrepreneurs. My mother and sister own and operate a retail clothing store for girls and women brand called Woodmansees in historic downtown Westerly. And my brother just opened up a juice bar. So it’s fair to say that my family has you covered for looking and feeling good from the inside out!

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