The biggest joy in my career is taking care of the amazing people that come to Uptown. I love strategizing with my clients to set long-term goals, and being a part of the self-care journey is truly an honor. When you make a commitment to your skincare routine, you will see the results, and I get so much satisfaction in being part of the process.

Keeping our guests looking and feeling their best requires an individual treatment plan, and I always take the time to understand what’s happening below the surface so I can design a tailored solution with the highest quality skincare, services, and products. Understanding how nutrition can impact your skin is equally important, so I enjoy sharing strategies for improving skin from the inside out.  Because our clients live such big lives, I love pampering them in ways that leave them feeling relaxed, refreshed, and with a renewed sense of calm. Glowing, healthy skin is a great outcome too!

I love keeping up with education and new treatment options. Some of my favorites over the years are dermaplaning, nanoinfusion for maximum product delivery, oncology esthetics, and the use of micro-current.   

 Just like my clients, I live a big life and take time to unwind (with a glass of wine) in my garden, spending time with my husband and 3 children, boating, yoga, and walking my dogs.